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Donations from Texas Instruments

The Lehrstuhl für Kommunikationstechnik offers a DSP Laboratory "DSP lab for mobile communications" to the students, which provides an invaluable hands-on experience of real-time mobile communication systems. This laboratory deals with theory and implementation of different concepts and subsystems of digital communication systems, like UMTS, WLAN and WiMAX. The topics to be covered in the laboratory include introduction to the DSP implementation of mobile communication systems, digital modulation techniques, carrier acquisition, code synchronisation, symbol synchronisation, equalization and coding.

Texas Instruments

The Lehrstuhl für Kommunikationstechnik has received hardware and software products from Texas Instruments as a donation from TI's European University Program. This program established in 1994, actively promotes and supports the use of Digital Signal Processing as a vital technology which the next generation of Electronic Engineers need to master. The hardware items include several pieces of the state-of-the-art DSP starter kits, the required debuggers and development software. The software packages include code generation tools, assembler/linker, software simulator for TMS320C6x, TMS320C6x Debugger Software, TMS320 DSP Algorithm Standard and DSP/BIOS real-time kernel (Code Composer Studio).

Students use TI's software packages to write codes in C/C++ and Assembly languages to program the TMS320C6x DSP hardware to implement different subsystems of mobile communication systems. Students will use signal generators, oscilloscopes and spectrum analyzers in conjunction with the DSP hardware to create and analyze signals at different points in mobile communication systems.

KT's DSP lab was established in 2002 and since then regularly updated with the newest equipment available.