Our research activities comprise a large field of topics, including all layers from the physical up to the application layer.

1. Localization

  • Application focus: automotive (in car) applications
  • Short-range communications (Bluetooth, UWB, NFC, acoustic)
  • Security aspects, e.g. detection and avoidance of fraud

2. Channel Measurements and Channel Modelling

  • Application focus: automotive (in car) applications
  • Our recent specialty: security applications exploiting the aerial acoustic channel
  • Spatially resolved modelling

3. Wireless Ad-hoc Networking

  • Application focus: hierarchical networks
  • Agent-based distributed MAC layer design for dynamic resource allocation
  • Optimal channel deployment using artificial intelligence, e.g. self-organizing maps

4. Networking Information Theory: Communicating Thermodynamics

  • Application focus: hierarchical networks with computational off-loading
  • Optimization strategies for network entropy
  • Distributed solutions

5. Polar Codes

  • Application focus: 5G/6G
  • Code design
  • Decoding strategies

6. Audio Signal Processing

  • Application focus: consumer electronics
  • Novel versatile fundamental frequency detection
  • Classification of voices